Can't Let Go

The weekend of November 19th 2017, I went to the grocery store like normal.  My husband loved to keep Vitamin Water in the fridge for his lunches, and just to drink any time.  I purchased several bottles of Vitamin Water that weekend like I usually did. The following Friday he passed away.  I still have 3 Vitamin Waters in the fridge from the ones I brought that weekend. I never drank them like he did, so I have not consumed them myself.   I never threw them out. I guess having them in there makes me think he will come home and grab one like he used to do. There is an empty Vitamin Water bottle in the center console of one of our cars.  I have not thrown that away either. I just can't let go. That is one of the last traces of him … a sign that he was living and here walking among us not long ago. I refuse to throw it out until I am ready.  That could be tomorrow, it could be never… it could be till the day someone thinks they are being helpful and pisses me off by throwing it out unknowingly. Do you have anything random that you keep around to remind you of a loved one?   Is it something that you’d normally dispose of, but you just can’t bring yourself to do it? Talk to me about it below.