10 Days Left

11-11 ...this day last year, I only had 10 days left with Andre and I did not even know it.  My first instinct is to ask what would I have done differently...Well for one there is stuff I would have done more of…less of….  There are things I would have been less bothered about.  This time last year I was applying for jobs I wanted and kept getting rejected over and over, so that was heavy on my mind.  I would have thought less about that shit, cause guess what?  I STILL haven’t heard back from any of those folks.  I wish I had spent less time thinking of them and more even time loving, cuddling, joking, and chilling out with my husband.  We’d just brought baby Miles home and we were taking turns sleeping nights with him in the guest room which was sort of a makeshift nursery.  Some nights we’d both sleep there, but the master bed was better for our backs, so most days we’d give each-other turns getting a GOOD night’s rest in our actual bedroom.  Looking back, I would have put Miles in the master. It sounds silly, but had I known I had 10 days left, I would have brought Marcus out of his room to co-sleep with us so I could cuddle with all 3 of my guys at once. I will always treasure the short time we were a family of four.  

Think about what you would do if you knew you only had 10 days left with the love of your life, your parent, your child, your pet...operate like THAT.